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SS Pleated Oil Filter Element

2020-06-04Oil FilterShare:


SS Pleated Oil Filter Element, as its name suggests, is generally used in the hydraulic system or oil filter inside the filter, its role is to filter the impurities inside the hydraulic oil, to ensure the clean hydraulic oil and smooth operation of the hydraulic system.

Features and Benefits:
Stainless steel oil filter sometimes filters the medium is not ordinary hydraulic oil, it will have certain corrosiveness or high working temperature. Therefore, glass fiber can not be used. Stainless steel metal mesh should be used, and the fiberglass material is relatively brittle. The filter material is not reusable after the filter element is clogged. It should be replaced in time. If it is made of stainless steel, it can be reused.

Petrochemical, oil field pipeline filtration;
Fuel filtration of fueling equipment and engineering machinery equipment;
Equipment filtration in water treatment industry;
Pharmaceutical and food processing fields;
Can also be used for chemical liquid filtration.
Suitable for pretreatment in the industrial sectors of electronics, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc