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  3. Parker Oil Filter FBO60356

Parker Oil Filter FBO60356

Part Number: FBO60356
Filtering precision: 3, 5, 10,20 and 50 micron
Temperature Range:  -4°F~212°F
Filter Media: Glass fiber, filter paper, stainless steel sintered fiber and stainless wire mesh
Pressure: 21bar-210bar

This filter element is mainly designed for oil-water separation, and it contains two types of filter elements, namely, a polymer filter element and a separation filter element. For example, in a water removal system for oil products, after the oil enters the coalescence separator, it first flows through the coalescence filter element, which filters out solid impurities and aggregates small water droplets into larger water droplets. The vast majority of aggregated water droplets can be separated and removed from the oil by their own weight, and settle into the collection tank.

Product Parker Oil Filter FBO60356
Filtering precision 3, 5, 10,20 and 50 micron
Pressure 21bar-210bar
Operating Temp. -4°F~212°F
Media Glass fiber, filter paper, stainless steel sintered fiber and stainless wire mesh

High-quality filtration material
Greater system availability from reliable filtration
Long element service life through highest dirt holding capacities
Higher operational dependability through outstanding cleanliness classes


Mobile Equipment
Storage Tanks
55 Gallon Drums

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