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  2. HYDAC Hydraulic Oil Filter 0950R010BN4HC
  3. HYDAC Hydraulic Oil Filter 0950R010BN4HC

HYDAC Hydraulic Oil Filter 0950R010BN4HC

Part Number: HYDAC Hydraulic Oil Filter 0950R010BN4HC
Type: HYDAC Hydraulic Oil Filter
Media: Fiberglass
OD: 143.5 mm
Height 363 mm

The media that we offer in the Hydac 0950R010BN4HC is the most efficient filtration media a hydraulic filter element can offer. Microglass’ ability to capture 400 percent more particulate than Cellulose filter elements is why it is the best media choice for your hydraulic filter. The uniform shape and density of the glass fibers is what ensures the hydraulic filter’s 99.9% efficiency. Microglass filter elements are an excellent way to prevent unscheduled downtime and prolong the life of your hydraulic fluid.

Type HYDAC Hydraulic Oil Filter
Part Number 0950R010BN4HC
OD 143.5mm
Height 363mm
Media Fiberglass
Operating temperature -45°f - 225°f

General purpose sealing
Petroleum oils and fluids
Cold Water
Silicone greases and oils
Di-ester base lubricants
Ethylene glycol base fluids

Optimized mesh pack structure with newly developed filter media, support, and transition layers
Patented process for longitudinal seam bonding increases seam integrity
Use of spiral lock seam support tubes lowers element weight
Element outer wraps are made of plastic (polyester) to reduce environmental impact and improve fatigue resistance
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