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Coalescer Oil Filter

Rated Voltage (MPa): 0.6
Pre-precision (micron) 100
Fine precision (micron) 3,5,10,20
Power(V) AC380
Temperature (℃) 25-80

The coalescing and dewatering oil filter is to solve the problem of excessive water content in various oils. The HO series coalescing dewatering oil filter is developed by the “coalescence separation” dehydration technology.

product manual:
The presence of water in the hydraulic lubrication system causes oxidation of the oil, degrades the oil, reduces the thickness of the oil film, reduces the lubricity, causes denaturation of the oil to form macromolecules, changes the viscosity of the oil, forms an organic acid, and then corrodes the metal surface, reducing or losing the dielectric strength of the oil. For the traditional filtration and separation equipment, it is especially difficult to separate another liquid from one liquid mixed together. The coalescing separation type oil filter developed by our company integrates precision filtration and dehydration in college, which can effectively remove Particulate impurities in the oil and emulsified water, free water, without compromising the quality of the meta-products. For oils containing a large amount of water, the separation effect is particularly remarkable, and the separation speed is several times to several tens of times the conventional speed.
Technical feature:

Efficiently break all oil-water emulsified structures in oil.

The free water in the oil is removed, and the moisture content after treatment is less than 100 PPM.

Filters solid particles in the oil to a cleanliness level of NAS6 or higher.

It combines two functions of precision filtration and high efficiency dehydration.

It has high filtration precision, large dirt holding capacity, long filter life and high dewatering efficiency.

No need for heating, vacuuming and high-speed centrifugation, low energy consumption and low cost of use.

It will not change the physical and chemical properties of the oil and prolong the service life of the oil.

The device runs online, automatically controlled, and unattended.

Large flow continuous processing.

After the oil first filters out the particles in the oil from the initial filter, it enters the coalescing separator. The oil passes through four processes of filtration, coalescence and sedimentation to realize the function of releasing water, and finally the purified oil is output. The water settled in the sump is removed by a drain valve on the sump. At the same time, according to the oil quality, the oil can be directly filtered through the filter to filter out the particulate pollutants in the oil, and the purified oil is output.

Particle filtration system:
The high-efficiency filter material is used as the filter medium, and the large filter area design can effectively filter out the fine particle impurities, so that the oil can achieve high cleanliness.

Coalescing system:
The coalescing system consists of a set of coalescing filter elements. The coalescing filter element adopts a unique polar molecular structure. The free water and emulsified water in the oil are aggregated into larger water droplets after passing through the filter element, and then rely on gravity. Settled under the action into the water storage tank.

Separation system:
The separation filter element of the separation system is made of a special hydrophobic material. When the oil passes through the filter element, the water drops are blocked on the outer surface of the filter element and coalesce until they settle into the water storage tank due to gravity

Drainage system:
The separated water is stored in the water storage tank. When the interface height reaches the set value, the valve is opened to drain the water until it reaches the lower level, the valve is closed, and the drainage is stopped.

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