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  2. Custom Made Coalescer Filter Element
  3. Custom Made Coalescer Filter Element

Custom Made Coalescer Filter Element

Type: Coalescer Filter Element
Media: Fiberglass
End caps: Galvanized
Out Diameter: 5.5 inch
Length: 37.1 inch

The coalescer filter element is made of a variety of composite materials through special processes and has hydrophilic properties. It not only filters out mechanical impurities in the medium, but also breaks the emulsion and coalesces to make the emulsified water from the medium. A filter element that separates and coalesces into larger water droplets to facilitate further purification of the medium.

Product Custom Made Coalescer Filter Element
Media Fiberglass
End caps Galvanized
Out Diameter 5.5 inch
Length 37.1 inch
High filtration accuracy
The structure is stable, there is no media fiber shedding, and it will not pollute the environment and downstream of the product.
Good compatibility with various fluids



    Aviation fuel, gasoline, kerosene, diesel;
    Liquefied petroleum gas, stone tar, benzene, toluene, xylene, cumene, polypropylene, etc.;
    Turbine oil and other low viscosity hydraulic oils and lubricating oils;
    Cyclohexane, isopropanol, cycloethanol, cyclohexanone, etc.;
    Other hydrocarbon hydrocarbon compounds
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