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Air Compressor Filter

Material: Paper
Length: Custom Made
Outer diameter: Custom made
End Caps: Plastic
Filtration rate: Custom made

The function of the air compressor filter element is to enter the oily compressed air produced by the main engine into the cooler, and then enter the oil and gas filter element for filtration through mechanical separation, intercept and polymerize the oil mist in the gas, and form oil droplets concentrated at the bottom of the filter element and returned to the oil return pipe. The compressor lubrication system makes the compressor discharge more pure and high-quality compressed air; in short, it is a device to remove solid dust, oil and gas particles and liquid substances in the compressed


Product Air Compressor Filter
Type Cartridge
Media Paper
End caps Plastic
Out Diameter Custom Made
Length Custom Made
Micron Custom Made

The Air Compressor Filter is a paper filter, which has the advantages of excellent filtration. The function of the air filter is to filter the air entering the compressor, so that solid impurities such as dust do not enter the compressor main body, so as to prevent the abrupt increase in wear of the relative slide. At the same time, the presence of dust can also accelerate the oxidation of lubricating oil. Therefore, the dust outside the paper core should be removed in time



When the indicator of the air filter on the instrument panel is on, it should be cleaned or replaced in time. It is recommended to remove the air filter element every week to blow off part of the dust on the surface.


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